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A Note from Founder

As the country’s diaspora is growing, so is the number of Romanians born and raised abroad. I am one of them. I was born in New York to Romanian parents shortly after the fall of the communist regime. Having lived most of my life abroad, the physical distance prompted me to reflect on my own narrative around my identity. And having always been curious to get to know Romania, I decided to take the plunge: to spend more time here and strengthen my roots.

I was also frustrated about the limited media coverage Romania receives internationally. The country is oftentimes overlooked on the world stage. Through this publication, I want to showcase the positive and interesting things that happen here. It is a country with a rich history, infused with contradictions. It is messy, multilayered – filled with complexities. It is also poetic, quirky, and fascinating. 

I hope for LA NOI to become your introduction to Romania. The travel-guides only include places my team and I believe in – specifically focusing on niche destinations and subcultures while staying away from touristic hotspots. By encouraging you to travel through the country, I hope to foster cross-cultural exchanges and ideas. Though so much of Romania’s beauty is because it is still “untouched,” I believe exciting destinations shouldn’t remain hidden. I do, however, support slow and sustainable tourism – the kind that is gentle and respectful to the local people and nature.

By publishing articles and collaborating with talented writers, illustrators, photographers, and experts in their field, I hope to dive deeper into Romanian culture and support local voices. I also hope that motivational stories will inspire you to contribute positively to our society.

I’d like to thank those who believe in this project, who support it with their time and energy. It’s a privilege to work alongside amazing people.