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Editor’s Picks

Electronic Music under Communist Romania: The Sound of Resistance

While the communist government sought to control artistic expression, musicians found creative ways to express their dissent. Some musicians established themselves in the scene, making immense contributions.

Words: Dragoș Rusu | Illustration: Sorina Vazelina | February 2024

Romanian Mucenici: Boiled, not baked, Mr. Bond

Every year, on March 9, we commemorate the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste through mucenici. Yet their cooking methods and styles tell different stories depending on who you ask.

Words: Adriana Sohodoleanu | Illustration: Doina Titanu | March 2024

The Danube Delta: Healing the Scars of Romania’s Greatest Natural Resource

The Danube is where millions of birds from Europe, Asia, and Africa come to nest - a paradise for birdwatchers. It is home to 360 bird species. People have inhabited it since ancient times without their footprints to matter. Yet today, we are in danger of destroying it in a fraction of a second.

Words: Catalin Gruia | Photos: Dan Dinu | October 2023