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Editor’s Picks

Inside Romanian Design Week: What Does an Open City Mean to You?

Andrei Borțun, the creative entrepreneur behind Romanian Design Week (RDW), sees this year’s show as an opportunity to “unlock” the capital’s potential, posing a question to all of us – visitors and creators, locals and foreigners – to reflect on what it takes for a city to be truly open?

Words: Ioana Negoescu | Illustration: Doina Titanu | May 2024

My Taste of Transylvania

I came to Taste of Transylvania, a gastronomic festival, to plunge into the unfamiliar – which showed that Transylvania, at least that weekend, was terroir, not territory; an instrument for promoting multiculturalism.

Words: Adriana Sohodoleanu | Photos: Adorjan Trucza | June 2024

Green Bucharest — A Journey into the Lively Beauty of the City

The city tells me the story of its plants, of their subtle charm. It sends me on a sensitive expedition in pursuit of its botanical beauty. I invite you to embark on a soulful tour and discover the city as a discreet garden.

Words: Lavinia Ionescu | Photos: Robert Blaj | July 2024