Hi. We are an independent online travel and culture publication about Romania. Here, you can find carefully curated travel guides with recommendations based on experience, quality, and authenticity – we only promote places we like. We also publish articles, sharing timeless stories and unique insights on nature, food, art, and culture. We only support local voices that can have a wide-reaching positive impact and publish one article monthly, focusing on quality rather than quantity. We collaborate with inspiring people from all walks of life, such as artists, travel enthusiasts, and environmentalists, publishing everything bilingually. 

Why Romania? Because it’s a hidden gem that’s just beginning to shine. We believe in gaining a deeper understanding of others and fostering cross-cultural exchanges to build a kinder future. But while we think special places should not remain hidden, we firmly advocate for slow and responsible tourism – encouraging you to be a traveler rather than a tourist. Moreover, we hope to create a stronger sense of curiosity and boost Romania’s confidence on the world stage.  

LA NOI loosely translates to “at ours,” expressing Romania’s warm and welcoming spirit. And our logo represents the peony, the country’s national flower. A permanent work in progress, we are Bucharest based but aim to cover many parts of the country while keeping everything updated and relevant. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with their creativity, time, and support!